CicLAVia – Hollywood East Meets West

One of my favorite free events that I love attending is CicLAVia. This is an event that is held multiple times per year around the L.A. area where the city closes down several major streets to human-powered vehicles. What kind of human-powered vehicles you ask? Bikes, Tricycles, Unicycles, Skateboards, Joggers, Runners, and everything in between. As long as its not powered by a motor, you’re more than welcome to ride all around the event.

In this event, major intersections of Hollywood were closed. This includes Hollywood, Highland, and Santa Monica.

The event is free to all. I like supporting the event by buying merchandise, collecting pins, and showing off my past CicLAVia swag. Thanks to Jeremy, Char, and Chris for joining me. I’m glad you guys made it out!

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