I took a planned vacation with my family where we decided to go on a cruise for our very first time to Alaska. Needless to say, this trip was incredible and had plenty to offer. Honestly, cruises is a great way to reach a destination if it’s not accessible by car or plane, and Alaska met that criteria fairly easily.

Before I go on with the locations we went to, I got to talk about the cruise. I had some mixed feelings. Being 30, I felt I was in this weird limbo state where I was too old to do any of the young people stuff, and too young to do any of the old people stuff.

Nevertheless, you get an unlimited amount of food and the cruise has several amenities including a floating gym, ping pong, several pools, and casino. During my journey I stuck with eating and going to the gym to combat all the additional calories I was putting into my body.

The first place we went to is Juneau where we saw the amazing Mendenhall Glacier.

We then explored the city and found several attractions including visiting a coffee shop, taking the tramway up to the peak of Juneau, and ate the local fish and chips. The night scene was pretty amazing as well.

Next stop was a spot called Skagway which featured a bus tour leading out to the borders of Yukon territory near Canada. The bus stopped at several points of interests which included a local Western themed spot, some very pretty lakes, and a local train connection depot.

The highlight of this trip is probably the train ride that starts high in the mountains and travels back to our starting point in Skagway. Beautiful sights and plenty of great places to take pictures.

The next leg of our trip takes us to a city called Ketchikan, where I went zip-lining for the very first time! Also found a sexy totem pole to take a selfie with.

Our last stop took us to Victoria, Canada where we wandered the streets for a couple of hours before we headed back home Seattle.

Needless to say, the vacation was fun just spending time with my family. We’re all getting to a point where we live separate lives and have to find creative ways to get back together and catch up. I’m glad I went on this trip and would do it again for more adventures.

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