2019 Goals

Hello internet and future self.

As an individual, I feel that you should take on one or more hobbies that do the following: makes money, keeps you in shape, and keeps you creative. Last year, I accomplished or improved on these three aspects of my life. As a way to keep me accountable and to work towards self-improvement, I’ve decided to share some of my goals that I want to achieve in 2019.

Socioeconomically, I feel that I have accomplished my goal working for the City of LA. This year, I’ve decided to make greater strides in my professional career by taking on challenging projects that have greater exposure at my workplace. On top of that, I plan to strengthen my existing relationships with my colleagues and develop a stronger reputation for future career growth. On a side note, I plan to take on more personal projects like building websites for friends, family, and clients. If any of you guys need a website, I’m available!

Last year, I started my fitness journey and lost over 60 pounds. It’s quite a feat I am proud of achieving. To keep me in shape, there are two fitness goals I want to work on: lose 20 more pounds and get my body toned for the fit look. As I work towards these goals, I’m looking forward to challenging my body and unlocking “body achievements” that I thought I was never capable of doing. Additionally, I plan to do some aggressive hikes both locally and when I travel this year.

Regarding creativity, I’ve always felt that I fell short of calling myself “creative”. I’ve since proven myself wrong by posting some really interesting pictures online and collaborating with other artsy individuals. This year, I plan to increase my creativity over several items.

I’ve decided to take a 52 Week photo challenge (Info Here). Last year, I posted one cool photo a day on Instagram. It was hard to find content at times, and have decided to post at minimum one cool photo a week. The photo challenge will help build my creativity skills and expose my work to the outside world. Furthermore, I’ll be posting my work on my own website as a way to keep my content fresh.

In addition to a photo challenge, I’ve decided to try the 1 Second Everyday App. The idea is that you take a quick one second every day regardless if its an event, something interesting, or even a selfie. At the end of the year, the content is compiled and then can be shared on social media. I’m hoping to be consistent about this as well as it requires devotion to record something everyday.

I’ve also decided to micro blog more often on my website. I’m planning to post at least once per week in conjunction with the photo challenge. I’m thinking about blogging about life lessons, moments, rants, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Who knows, maybe it will lead to creating YouTube videos in the future.

Playing guitar has always been a skill that I’ve wanted to lock down for a long time but have never really truly devoted time to it. I’m hoping that this year will be different. I’m thinking about subscribing to a service or meeting up with a friend on a consistent basis to pick up the skill. Let’s hope it sticks.

At some point this year, I think it would be cool to take some voice lessons to further improve my “karaoke” voice. It’s not a big priority, but I’m hoping that I will at least start this process sometime this year.

I’ve got a big list ahead of me; it might even be too ambitious (what can I say, I’m an ambitious person). Regardless, I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring. And to those struggling to make a resolutions list, set up realistic goals that are achievable and attainable. Ask yourself why you want to accomplish these things and make that your internal motivation. Until next time, stay awesome!

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