Here & Now: Yosemite

This 4th of July weekend, I went up to Yosemite, where I spent my time with some of the best people I know. As I did, I had a flashback to the previous time I was in Yosemite.

Back in 2015, I used to look like this:

August 2015

I was in Yosemite, losing my hair, and not being comfortable in my own skin, not to mention overweight, big, and uninspired.

As I was editing photos from this past weekend’s trip, I realized how much I’ve changed both physically and mentally.

In 2020, I’m back at Yosemite but feeling different in the best way possible.

July 2020

Here, you’ll find me at the top of Yosemite Falls, shirt off, looking good, and having the time of my life. Find people who inspire you every day to be the best version of yourself… to dare greatly, to live life, even to make mistakes along the way.

One day, you’ll find yourself different, in the best way possible. Eventually, you find yourself being unapologetically you. I hope you find this post well and possibly inspiring you to make great changes in your life. Take care and be well!

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