Coming from Seattle, Washington, we decided to drive down to Portland, Oregon and head over to our next AirBnB. There is pretty cool points of interests as you head down from Seattle to Portland. There is a sea bridge that connects both states from each other. It stretches for over a mile long, one of the longest you can find in the United States. On Oregon’s side, you can find the Astoria Column, close to the local Fisherman’s Wharf around the area.

Great scenic views from both the top and the bottom!

As we made our way across to Portland, I found out that I have my own town in Oregon. I don’t just have a mountain, I have an entire city!

By the time we arrived, we spent the day unpacking and getting comfortable with our AirBnB. The area we stayed at was very nice and comfortable. The next day, I had to get a workout in and decided to run on St. John’s bridge.

Portland has so much to offer! They have great food, coffee, and beer scenes! You’ve got to check out both Pine State Biscuits and the original Salt N’ Straw locations. Not pictured, Heart Coffee.

My mom has very particular tastes and is devout to her religion. There was a placed called The Grotto which has a very intimate garden setup, fantastic views, and modern building architecture. It was the highlight of her trip.

The highlight of my trip are all the weirdness that comes with Portland. You’ve got to check out the spanish latte at Hubers Cafe in Downtown.

Then, you got to check out the smallest park in the world. Guiness Book of World Records says so. Also, shows how eclectic and wierd Portlandia culture is.

Also got to check out Voodoo Donuts in the area. While we have it in Universal Citywalk, the downtown location has way more flavors. While you’re at it, check out the “Keep Portland Weird” sign across the street.

At night, they have the older Portland, Oregon sign. Reminds me of the Yahoo sign that was installed during the internet boom.

Definitely gonna have to go back here to check out the night scene and the hiking areas with my friends. Plenty of things to do in the area. See you on my next post!

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