Best Friend’s Wedding Day

So I have bad timing. Right after the Italy trip, I had to go back home immediately to attend a wedding. It wasn’t just anyone’s wedding; this was my best friend’s wedding and he asked me to be his best man.

Of course before any person gets married, a bachelor’s party is needed before tying the knot. We kept it fairly clean: massages, axe throwing, brewery hopping, and “recreational” activities.

Stone Brewery in Encinitas

Come March 31st, my best friend Eddie is getting married. All of this, set in motion by a summer San Francisco trip the year prior. It’s been quite a journey seeing my best friend grow, but he is getting married to one of the best people I know. I can’t wait to see him keep growing as a person.

Oh and because I looked so good, here is a picture of me all dressed up.

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