Motivation: Fuel for Fitness

Hello internet and future self!

It’s been about 7 months since I’ve started my fitness journey and a lot has changed since my last major update. If you want to see my previous fitness post, you can find it here (

I’ve lost over 60 pounds and went from a 46 to a 36 in pant sizes since I’ve started my fitness journey. So many people have taken notice, that I didn’t believe it myself until someone pointed out the differences in my body shape through pictures. It’s great motivation when people recognize your body achievements as you go through your journey.

May 2018
July 2018
December 2018

Lots of people ask me questions like “what’s your secret” or “what inspired and/or motivated you” and I get excited to tell them my journey. But just in case you are reading this and haven’t figured out how I did it, it all comes down to your own internal motivation.

For as long as I could remember, I have always felt “big”. I hated mirrors, wore extra baggy clothing, and never liked to be in pictures unless there was a way to hide the majority of my body. I even avoided doing things like climbing an attic ladder because I thought it would bend significantly or hold my weight.

I then went to Coachella, a music festival in Indio that is filled with beautiful people dressed up in boho-chic clothing and just enjoying the time of their lives. I was so upset at myself because I was thinking about the way my “rolls” would show through clothing and how it would jiggle when I danced in place. I was tired of feeling big and heavy and decided that I truly wanted to make a change in my life.

Internal motivation is the real reason why people stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s no secret that you need exercise and a proper diet to stay healthy. Everyone knows what is good for them. The problem is that they are their own worst enemy, finding reasons and excuses to not be mindful about being healthy from an everyday perspective.

At the very beginning of my journey, I had an honest conversation with myself, one where I needed to admit cold hard facts such as the fact that I was fat. I made three subject lists on why I wanted to be fit and how to be motivated:

  • Reasons why you want to get fit and continue training
  • Reasons that stand in your way of achieving your goal
  • Actions on how to help you stay on track

What was most challenging about these three lists was being truthful to myself on all of my reasons for going on this journey. I’ve finally made my list public and have posted it here (

Fitness is a continuous journey; the hardest part is starting your journey. Once you’ve started it and have made it a lifestyle, you no longer need to be mindful about it. It becomes second nature to the point where you are being mindful about what you eat and how you feel subconsciously. For those who are currently struggling to find their moment, I hope this post will inspire you to start your own journey. Every person’s journey is different and is filled with their own emotions and struggles. Have others encourage you to maintain a steady course. Trust the process and you’ll be the new you in no time.

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