About Me


I’ve always had a love for technology, I believe that technology enriches our lives, allowing us to become a smarter and more efficient society. Whether I am working at the office, doing daily tasks at home, or moving on the go, technology is in every aspect of my life.


In June 2012, I graduated from California State Polytechnic University of Pomona. I majored in Computer Information Systems with a focus on network design and web media creation. During my college years, I worked at Southlands Christian Schools (SCS) as a Media Specialist for our Online School Division. Since it was a relatively new department, I made major contributions in the business workflow, media creation, and website development.

Several months before graduating, I was offered a full time position to become the head I.T. Director of the entire school. During my time there, the school went through a major technology overhaul. Acquiring a new student management system, configuring integration and automation between systems, as well as a revamped network infrastructure are just some of the few key items that I spear-headed for the entire campus.

I left SCS with a thirst to increase my knowledge of technology. I began to work for consulting based company called Computer Specialists Incorporated (CSI). As a Field Engineer, I learned many new enterprise technologies such as Microsoft Exchange, Symantec’s Backup Exec suite, VMWare ESXi virtualization platform, and a multitude of configurations that varies from client to client.

After a year, I left CSI to pursue an opportunity that was too good to pass up. The City of Los Angeles opened the Systems Analyst position, a position that had not been available to the public for over 7 years. Working for the city has always been something I’ve wanted to achieve on my bucket list. Nine months after submitting my resume, I was accepted a position with the Service Desk at the Department of Water and Power.


On my spare time, I like to take pictures in unique places, explore the food scene, and make time to hang out with friends. I also find ways to “automate” my life. Recently, I’ve decided to make my house “smarter” by installing smart home appliances, hosting my own files in the cloud, as well as create a glorified media center that both my brothers and parents can enjoy. I’ve also taken up some freelance web design opportunities to increase my knowledge in website programming.


If you ask anyone who has worked with me, they will only have positive things to say. I am a hard working, committed individual who works well with others. My strengths in the workplace include being a very flexible individual as well as delivering an accurate product at a very fast pace. I am not afraid to “wear different hats” when it comes to work roles and duties as long as the overall vision of a project is achieved. I thrive in fast-paced environments and don’t mind being thrown into situations where critical analysis is necessary to complete the task at hand. I believe that these qualities combined produce an amazing work ethic that any prospective client would want in every individual.